“Asheville Academy  is a great investment in a better future”

We work hard to provide the best program, staff, and facilities at our adolescent therapeutic boarding school.  We work just as hard to make our program as affordable as possible.

Compare our beautiful private campus, extensive and experienced staff, and the positive response from our families to any other program.  We are confident you will see that Asheville Academy is an investment worth making.

SSA_5022 smallThere are a few ways many families afford our adolescent therapeutic boarding schoola:

  • Potential insurance reimbursement.  Asheville Academy offers multiple hours of therapy which is considered out-of-network mental health treatment by insurance companies.  Over the course of a month, families may receive $750 – 1,500 of insurance reimbursement for the therapeutic intervention offered at Asheville Academy.
  • Loan partners.  Asheville Academy works with a loan partner offering an easy application process, fast response, and competitive rates.  Some families have success with their local banks as well.  Loans help spread the cost over months or even years.

For more information about any of the above, please contact us directly.

We understand that Asheville Academy is a significant investment, but it is certainly an investment worth making…an investment in a healthier, happier child.

Student Loan Programs

Asheville Academy’s girl and AFAB therapeutic boarding school has established a relationship with a leading healthcare loan provider.

American HealthCare Lending secures loans through a vast network of lender partners offering fast response and a variety of loan options. The company also prides itself on its passionate and discrete team of loan consultants and its lender partners who look past the credit application and have compassion for families and what they are going through.

More information here: www.prosperhealthcare.com/providers/

Contact American HealthCare Lending directly for more loan info.  Cameron Crawford: cameron@americanhcl.com

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