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ADHD Boarding School Help for Girls

We are a specialty ADHD boarding school focused on helping 10-14 year old girls.


ADHD boarding school for girlsOur private campus is exclusively used as an ADHD Boarding School, featuring on site equine assisted therapy facilities and traditional classroom buildings.

Our staff has decades of experience and our individualized academics are tailored to your child’s needs and learning style.

Our family atmosphere teaches skills that help girls develop stable relationships after the program.

What makes our program different than other ADHD Boarding Schools?

Asheville Academy is an ADHD boarding school specialized for girls ages 10–14, providing a family atmosphere with a specific focus to allow for success. Our small program allows us to give individual attention to help build a solid foundation for success in our girls.

Asheville Academy stands out from other therapeutic boarding schools for girls because we invest our time in developing the best plan for your families needs. As fellow parents, we understand the desire to have your daughter happy and healthy. Families are often unsure if therapeutic placement is a necessary and potentially lifesaving step for their daughters.

Is Asheville Academy the right choice for your daughter?

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  • Does she struggle with emotions?  Parents report that their girl’s troubling behavior starts at home, and then consequently begins to affect their school and social life.
  • Can she “hold the family hostage”?  Many Asheville Academy parents report that their daughters can sabotage family efforts to move forward or make decisions.
  • Does she avoid things or resist engaging?  School may have become socially challenging or emotionally complex, as a result she finds ways to avoid attending. In addition, she no longer reaches out to friends or participates in clubs. Therefore retreating more into electronics or books.
  • Does she have learning challenges?  Families often comment that school is difficult for their child and basic learning techniques aren’t working. Due to this, she her efforts and grades start to worsen.
  • Are there challenges with making and maintaining friendships?  Parents mention that their child has difficulty building and maintaining friendships. She often loses close friends due to being demanding or controlling in those relationships.

If you recognize your daughter in any of the above statements and have not seen her improve in any of these areas, Asheville Academy’s ADHD boarding school for girls may be an appropriate placement.

For many families, this can be a tough decision. We are here to help your family determine if Asheville Academy’s ADHD boarding school is right for your child.parents-guide_400x250Call us today, our Admissions Team is ready to answer your questions, 800.264.8709

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