Accredited Academics in a Realistic Classroom Environment: Academic Programming at Asheville Academy

No parent wants to see their child get behind in school while they are away receiving the help they need. At Asheville Academy, we take our academic programming very seriously. Our academic program is fully accredited, and balances rigorous, college-preparatory, standards-based instruction with intensive individualized support in a traditional classroom environment.

What makes our academic programming unique?

“Real-world” school environment:

Many therapeutic programs similar to Asheville Academy teach students through packets or don’t have academic programming at all. Providing students with four days of classes every week allows students to experience a more authentic school environment. The more authentic their classroom experience, the more readily they will realize that they have what it takes to succeed in future educational endeavors, and the smoother their transition back home will be. At Asheville Academy, students follow a traditional academic schedule, moving between comfortable (and sensory-friendly!) freestanding classrooms.  Our four-day school week allows for enrichment curriculum such as community service, drama and clubs.  And since students attend school year-round, we find that, all-in-all, students receive the same amount of teacher facetime as they would anywhere else.

Knowledgeable and passionate academic staff:

Each member of our academic team has chosen this career because they want to work specifically with this population.  Our teachers are experts in their fields, and practiced at addressing individual struggles, whether those be motivational, behavioral, attentional, etc.  Our academic team works closely with our Learning Styles Coordinator as well as with the entire clinical team to formulate the best possible academic plan for each and every one of our students.

Accredited academic programming

Our academic program is fully accredited by AdvancEd, the most recognized accrediting body in the country.  It is the role of AdvancEd to assess and certify a learning institution across five Standards of Quality.  Becoming accredited is a rigorous but essential process for any legitimate learning institution.  The benefits of being accredited include:

  • External review offers validity of our approach:  Because accreditation come from the outside agency of AdvancEd, families can feel confident about the value and high standards of our academics.  Accreditation requires a school to meet very high standards. Our continued accreditation means that we’ve met those standards year after year.
  • Credit transfer: Accreditation allows other learning institutions to seamlessly accept our credits. Our students come from all of the country, and families having confidence that their daughters will not lose credits gives our family comfort, making a difficult decision just a little easier.
  • Continued growth:  In addition to assessing programs against specific benchmarks, AdvancEd also works with programs to set long-term growth goals.  As a school committed to being the very best, we welcome reflection and feedback across our programming.  

For more information about the academic programming at Asheville Academy, please visit our academic page.

Asheville Academy can help

Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for young girls ages 10-14, helps girls struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges such as school refusal, defiance, ADHD, and attachment issues.
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