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Community Centered

Your child will be welcomed into a close-knit community of other students their age facing the same challenges, forming lasting friendships.

Academic Growth

Accredited academic programming caters to the individual learning needs of students and provides an opportunity for your child to improve study skills based on their individual needs.

Expert Staff

Our skilled therapists and teachers have decades of experience helping students overcome emotional and behavioral challenges, and can help your child do the same.

Intensive Therapy

Our immersive approach to therapy, frequent individual attention, and real-time clinical insight allow breakthroughs that could take years in a traditional therapy setting.


Young people often have emotional and behavioral issues that could become serious if left unaddressed. Asheville Academy helps to reverse these issues now.

Family Focus

The communication skills your child will learn at Asheville Academy strengthen family bonds. Our family therapy approach offers you the chance to reconnect with your child.


Place of Healing & Friendship

We are a team of caring teachers, therapists, and mentors dedicated to serving students ages 10 – 14. Students arrive on our campus struggling and in need of guidance, and time and time again, we see them transform under our care as they gain new hope, greater understanding, and enhanced confidence and self-awareness.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing many families healed. Nothing compares to the moment when parents arrive on campus and their child comes running to embrace them. With tears of joy streaming down their face, they hold their child close, their hope restored and bond with their child stronger than ever.

These cherished moments are the reason we dedicate our lives to helping young people.

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When things are going badly things tend to go very badly. This is the common path we hear from parents about their preteen daughters. It’s a virtuous downward cycle of poor decision-making and defiance to structure or constructive criticism.

This downward staircase is typically reflective of a child who lacks resilience to traumas big and small and a child who lacks the skills and confidence to know how to manage these traumas and help create success.

We teach our students how to be engaged, advocate for their needs, set goals and develop a plan to meet these goals.

Have hurtful things been said by your child? Are there things you regret saying or doing? Does your child lack acceptable boundaries in relationships? Sometimes the fear and frustration boil over and relationships feel “broken”.

At Asheville Academy we help heal those family wounds and find a new relationship together. We work with the child, the family back home, and then bring them back together.

Our relationship-based approach is one of our strengths. We have a purposely small, tight-knit “family” community of staff and students who work together to help relieve social pressures and anxieties.

We create opportunities to grow and prosper with one another and help students see the care and compassion the child can give and then receives back as a result.

Parents feel like their child has been “given everything” and yet lacks thankfulness or contributes to their success. There is a lack of accountability and responsibility for school work, eating habits, technology use, sleep, and communication with family, peers, and teachers.

Students at AAG are a part of a community that works together– in school, sports, drama, service work, and with the animals on campus.