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Hello Parents,
Thank you for your interest in Asheville Academy a therapeutic boarding school for students ages 10 – 14. Asheville Academy is a uniquely designed school for young kids who are struggling with life’s demands. This is a special and often challenging time in a young girl’s life with physical and emotional changes.
With more than 50 years of experience working with this age group, Asheville Academy‘s staff has a passion and understanding how to help your young girl grow into a warm, friendly, and successful young adult.
Middle school is a challenge in the best of times as expectations change and become more sophisticated:

  • the academic landscape becomes unfamiliar,
  • social relationships become more complex,
  • and family systems can become overwhelmed.

At our therapeutic boarding school, we help our students navigate these difficult times.  It continually amazes me the positive changes our young students can achieve in a relatively short period of time.
Nestled in the mountain valley on a beautiful, large private therapeutic campus, Asheville Academy provides a safe, home-like setting where our students can develop their personal relationship skills, focus on academics, and reconnect with their families in healthy ways.  We welcome visitors to see our wonderful campus, meet our outstanding staff, and see the success our students can achieve.
We look forward to being able to work with your daughter and supporting your family. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions by completing our Online Form for more information or calling us directly at (800) 264-8709.
Kyle Gillett, PhD, LMFT
Executive Director
Kyle Gillett has led therapeutic boarding schools with great results.  He has spoken and consulted for national media outlets and organizations on how to help children with behavioral issues. In leading Asheville Academy he brings his years of expertise to families from all over the country, and a long standing record of success. 
Contact us for more information on how his years of experience in schools for troubled children can help you get your daughter back, (800) 264-8709.

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