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Healing And Helping Students & Their Families
Therapeutic Support

Real-Life Therapeutic Opportunities

Asheville Academy’s dynamic clinical approach reflects the unique and personal needs of the wonderful students we serve. We go beyond talk therapy and integrate therapeutic techniques that fit the needs of individual students. The positive changes that students make during their time at our program are a result of the strong collaboration of all of our departments and the inclusion of family in every step of the therapeutic process.

We give your child the space they need to discover who they are at this difficult time in their life, allow your family time to heal, and provide guidance throughout your child’s healing journey back home.

Meet Our Animals

Meet Our Animals

Meet Our Animals

Diverse Experience of Therapists

The wealth of Asheville Academy’s clinical expertise drives the success that every student can achieve.

At Asheville Academy we have one Licensed Masters Level Professional for every 6 – 8 students. While treatment is individualized, our therapists use:

— Psychoeducation to help students and families understand why their struggles occur.

— Trauma informed practices.

— Experiential modalities so students can target and learn from different parts of their brain, as well as put strategies into immediate practice.

— Concepts of CBT to address damaging thoughts and feelings that result in negative behavior patterns.

— Concepts of DBT which bring awareness to mind and body connections, and help students learn to regulate their emotions.

— Therapeutic assignments to continue the therapy work outside of sessions.