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Steps to Admissions


Asheville Academy is a close-knit community and supportive environment designed to help girls ages 10-14 who are struggling with behavioral issues to overcome their challenges and become the best version of themselves by restoring hope and teaching the skills they’ll need to succeed in life.

If you’re worried that a negative cycle may be taking hold of your child’s life, potentially leading to more destructive behaviors with age, you’re not alone. Recognizing these damaging behavior patterns and correcting them while your daughter is still in her preteen or early teen years is the best thing you can do as a parent.

Get Answers to Your Questions: 800.264.8709

Four Easy Steps to Admissions

  • "STEP 1"
    "Step 1"

    Speak to Admissions

  • 2

    "Step 2"

    Submit Application

  • 3

    "Step 3"

    Prep to arrive

  • 4

    "Step 4"

    relax. plan in place


STEP 1: Get Answers from Admissions

Do you have questions about how we can help your daughter? Where we are located? How our therapeutic approach works?

Please call us toll free at 800-264-8709 or fill out a form HERE>>. Our Admissions team does our very best to respond within minutes.


STEP 2: Submit an Application to provide clearer picture

It is crucial for us to understand what your daughter’s needs are and how she can best be supported.

Our goal is to ensure the best placement for your child. Completion of this application doesn’t commit you to anything. Rather it helps to answer the ever important question, “Is this the right place for my child?”


STEP 3: Application Approved and Prep to Arrive

Once we have approved the application and you have determined Asheville Academy is the right fit for your family, we set an enrollment date. It can be a date one day away or a couple weeks away (we normally don’t recommend a date too far into the future).

Before your girl arrives, you need to complete the Enrollment Paperwork. You can access the Enrollment Documents HERE.

Now it’s time to get ready! We are here to help you prepare the transition.


STEP 4: Relax. A Plan is in Place

For most parents this is the hardest part. While this is a difficult decision, it is also one of the most loving choices that you can make for your child.

Offering your daughter the chance to know herself as a successful, empowered, and confident young lady is a real gift. Rest assured that thanks to our more than 100 years of combined experience, your child is in very capable and loving hands.