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Inclusive Programming Creates Lasting Change


Place Of Healing & Friendship

The structured community environment of Asheville Academy supports personal, emotional, and academic growth. It’s purposefully designed to help students build confidence and self-esteem alongside their peers, allowing students to forge lasting, trusting relationships.

Family Atmosphere

On campus, the girls reside in spacious dormitories with their “tree groups”. These groups of 8 students eat together, learn how to share a living space, and attend group together. They are guided by residential staff who act as their mentors throughout the program. Tree groups and mentors become almost like family during a student’s time at Asheville Academy. Learn more about tree groups here.

Peer to Peer

During their time at our program, students have the opportunity to take on important community roles. These roles allow students to become leaders in the community and improve the overall dynamic of groups.  For example, girls who are farther along in the program can become mentors to new students. Together, we build strength and compassion in one another’s journeys. Learn more about community roles here.

Thinking Outside Ourselves

We help every young girl better understand the consequences of their thoughts and actions. Students learn about the positive growth that comes with higher-level decision-making. We do this through equine assisted therapy, community problem-solving, family residential living, and perhaps most importantly– our social work in the community. We participate in volunteer work with local charities and community events.  Learn more about volunteer work here.

Our Community Is…

Where Young Girls Blossom


Together, we grow, learn, laugh, and prosper. Our uniquely developed program exclusively for girls of a similar age allows us to create a welcoming environment. Coupled with a bright, expansive campus specifically designed for our use and exclusively used by our girls, our community is vibrant and thriving.


Thanks to our unique “family” therapeutic environment students rebuild trust in others and faith in themselves. Students build stronger social habits, learn how to solve problems with others, and in time this leads to students creating lasting bonds. Less impulsivity, better listening, stronger communication, more attuned to others’ thoughts and actions…these all lead to ties that bond.


Girls gain responsibility for themselves. Each student has goals within Asheville Academy and in service work in the community that builds accountability and respect for a job well done. Girls have weekly chores, practice self-care, are build towards complete responsibility for homework and school attendance.


As students build respect for themselves and demonstrate respect to others they grow more hopeful for their future and thankful for all they have. The anger and defiance begin to be replaced by gratefulness and appreciation. It’s so easy to get lost in what life doesn’t include. At Asheville Academy students learn to recognize all they have, not what they don’t.


We start with the foundational idea that all kids want to do well and achieve. We help them find healthy ways to do this. Students learn how to graciously advocate for themselves. They feel the nurturing and support or others within the community and start to reflect this compassion back to the community and their family back home.