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Transition Services

Guiding You Through The Transition Home
The Journey Home

Preparing For Successful Transitions

Creating growth in the home is important to our students’ successes during and after their time at Asheville Academy. While our students are immersed in the therapeutic environment at AAG, additional family services are in place to help parents and other family members grow alongside their child. The services that are offered include weekly webinars, weekly parent to parent support and skill building calls, and individualized extra support included when the child’s primary therapist identifies this as a need.

We offer these extra services because it is important for our parents to feel supported and prepared for their child to return home, and for our families to develop the skills to support their child. The webinars teach parents a skill that the child is learning at AAG or a specific parenting skill that families can practice on visits or calls with their child. These webinars are followed by a parent support call, where parents work together to practice the skill taught on that week’s webinar and discuss common experiences at Asheville Academy.

  • Family system cooperation
  • Sibling reintegration
  • Community and extended family support
  • Home routine development
  • Home behavior contract development
  • Collaboration with education consultants
  • Continuation of care services arrangement
  • Psychoeducation webinars and assignments
  • Additional service hours outside of family therapy sessions
  • Student groups with their graduating cohort
  • Transition-specific family seminar education

  • Continued collaboration with education consultants
  • Communication with future therapists and schools
  • Education for future supports on AAG tools to provide a common language

  • Webinar refreshers
  • Family seminars available
  • On-campus alumni mentoring opportunities

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