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Connecting and Supporting Families

Keeping Your Family Our Top Priority
Family Support

You are not alone

When parents reach out to us, they may believe that their family is hopelessly damaged due to their child’s struggles.  Families often experience a good deal of conflict, negativity, and poor communication; they long for a more peaceful, joyful family.


Asheville Academy provides an opportunity for families to reconnect and come out of the experience stronger than ever before.


At Asheville Academy for Girls, our family systems approach supports families by:

  • Removing everyday stressors during your child’s time with us.
  • Improving communication with the entire family through your child’s daily therapeutic work and family therapy.
  • Bringing the entire family to campus during our quarterly family seminars.
  • Offering a flexible visit schedule. Families can pre-arrange visits to campus on our flexible visit schedule to accommodate appropriate dates and times.

How Families Reconnect and Rebuild Relationships

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    Healing Without Distraction

    Asheville Academy provides the chance to heal and build new response skills in a safe environment which removes some of the stressors of everyday life.

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    Always Up To Date On Progress

    Weekly calls with your child’s therapist along with therapist-led family conferences keep you informed and involved so you’re never left in the dark.

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    Visits and Workshops for Success

    We offer flexible visitation, in addition to family workshops where you will gain skills to help your child achieve success.

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    Rebuilding Family Connection

    We will help you reconnect with your child through open communication and the establishment healthy boundaries.

We can help you reconnect with your Daughter.

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Encouraging Family Involvement


At Asheville Academy, family involvement and a personalized therapeutic experience help strengthen family bonds. This is a large part of what makes Asheville Academy uniquely suited to help your child and family achieve long-term success.


Open Communication

Your child will be looking to you for the love and support that provides the foundation for healing. This is why family involvement is a key component of our programming. We want to encourage consistent communication, so you can check in with your child or their therapist with just a quick call. In addition, these calls are another way for you to stay involved in their journey between visits. You will have two  social calls a week with your child to stay in touch.

Flexible Visitation

Rather than having to wait until a specified time to visit, you’ll be able to communicate directly with your child’s therapist to arrange a time that fits your schedule. As parents ourselves, we understand how it feels to miss your child.


Family Calls

Each week you’ll take part in a family video conference session with your child and their therapist to discuss their progress and identify potential opportunities for improvement. This will strengthen the positive impact of the therapy on the family dynamic, heal old wounds and build healthier means of communication. In addition, these calls are another way for you to stay involved in their journey between visits. In addition, you will have two more social calls a week with your child to stay in touch.

Family Seminars

Once per quarter, we hold family seminars where parents are invited to connect with other families, gain invaluable training and advice, and reconnect with their children. These seminars typically feature classes for parents, group therapy, talks on psychoeducational development and unique learning experiences.