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Integrated Approach To Therapy

Our Unique Model Helps Create Lasting Success
Therapist to student ratio
Hours of weekly therapy

Helping Your Family Heal

There is comfort in knowing that other families have had similar struggles and have achieved remarkable success. Our therapeutic approach will help your child develop the skills they need to help them succeed in life. Families come to us to find solace and to reconnect with their children in a meaningful way.


Traditional therapy can be beneficial in some instances. However, many youth struggle to accurately recall, express, and apply what they talked about days earlier in a therapist’s office. The therapeutic boarding school environment at Asheville Academy solves this problem.


Once your child is enrolled in Asheville Academy, they will be immersed in an environment where therapy is experiential. Our skilled therapists help develop tools and also provide guidance “in the moment”, to help a student make connections between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


There is one therapist for every 6-8 students on campus. We apply research-based clinical methods combined with decades of experience to help our students overcome emotional and behavioral challenges so that they can lead happier, healthier lives.

While you might be hesitant to enroll your child in a therapeutic boarding school for fear of straining your relationship even further, you should not be worried. Family therapy at Asheville Academy is designed to include families from the start with the main goal of reconnecting you with your child in a healthy and meaningful way. Students come to a place where they genuinely desire a closer connection with people in their lives and parents often report that they feel closer than ever to their child once therapy is underway.

From the moment we begin to review a potential student’s application, we are working to match their needs with a therapist who we feel will be the best match. Our therapeutic experience in working with students in this age range is a vital part of a student’s healing journey at Asheville Academy.

Each student’s journey is personalized to meet their specific needs and reach their family’s goals.

There is tremendous power in the group setting, particularly for students in this age range. In the past, many of our students felt alone in their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. In the group setting they learn that other peers have had similar experiences and they are able to connect and support one another in a healthy way.

We offer specialty groups to help with developing healthy relationships, depression, adoption issues, body image, learning differences, emotional regulation, identity issues, trauma and loss. Our experiential modalities include mindfulness, narrative, music, and equine/animal assisted therapies.

Despite their size and strength, horses are very sensitive creatures. Because of this, they often act as a “mirror”, revealing the emotional state of those interacting with them. Often, students find it easier to recognize the animals’ reaction, which helps them to learn to regulate their own emotions.

We take a relationship based approach to equine assisted therapy where students learn to respect the animal and create healthy boundaries. Equine therapy provides “in the moment” feedback which is critical to learning self regulation and relationship skills.

Why Does Asheville Academy Work? 

Right Time. Right Place. 

Therapeutic approaches which are developmentally appropriate for students ages 10-14. 

We Don’t Just Talk About It. 

Presence of animals on campus provides ‘in the moment’ therapeutic benefits. 

It’s All About Relationships. 

Reconnecting and rebuilding family relationships through family therapy.

What’s the Therapeutic Benefit
of a Stay at Asheville Academy?

Asheville New Colors_Community
Community Centered

Your child will be welcomed into a close-knit community of other students their age facing the same challenges, forming lasting friendships.

Asheville New Colors_Student Profile
Academic Growth

Accredited academic programming caters to the individual learning needs of students and provides an opportunity for your child to improve study skills based on their individual needs.

Asheville New Colors_Expert Staff
Expert Staff

Our skilled therapists and teachers have decades of experience helping students overcome emotional and behavioral challenges, and can help your child do the same.

Asheville New Colors_Intervention

Young girls often have emotional and behavioral issues that could become serious if left unaddressed. Asheville Academy helps to reverse these issues now.

Asheville New Colors_Individual Therapy
Intensive Therapy

Our immersive approach to therapy, frequent individual attention, and real-time clinical insight allow breakthroughs that could take years in a traditional therapy setting.

Asheville New Colors_Family
Family Focused

The communication skills your daughter will learn at Asheville Academy strengthen family bonds. Our therapies offer you the chance to reconnect with your child.