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Effective Treatment Backed By Proven Models

Our Pioneering Approach To Clinical Treatment Sets Us Apart
Clinical Model

Going Beyond Talk Therapy

Our clinical model is designed to meet the unique needs of students ages 10-14. Combining expertise, innovative therapeutic techniques, and a genuine passion for helping families succeed allows us to provide uniquely effective care. AAG offers:


  • Therapy designed to start where previous efforts left off.
  • Dedicated and experienced staff with decades of collective experience.
  • Asheville Academy’s licensed therapists specialize in addressing school refusal, depression, anxiety, family conflict, low self-esteem, relationship issues and more.
  • Our clinical model involves collaboration with the academic and residential teams to identify opportunities for growth. We also work closely with occupational therapists, the neurofeedback team, and psychiatry.
  • Equine/animal therapy designed to help your child gain communication and relationship skills.

Our Clinical Model is Tailored to Meet Your Child’s Needs 

Strengths-based therapy

Personally and developmentally appropriate for your child

Unique Clinical Approach


Our research-based approach to therapy reliably produces improved attitudes and behaviors.


Our approach addresses social, academic, and family needs.


AAG therapies are designed exclusively for students ages 10-14.


Our developmentally appropriate residential community eliminates exposure to “big girl” problems.


Immersive therapy environment cannot be replicated at home.

Using a Therapeutic Lens

We believe that therapy shouldn’t end when your child leaves a formal session with their therapist. Instead, everything we do from our school curriculum to daily activities to our residential milieu help them advance towards their next milestone.

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