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What's the Therapeutic Benefit of a Stay at Asheville Academy?

Place of Healing & Friendship

We are a team of caring teachers, therapists, and mentors dedicated to serving students ages 10 – 14. Students arrive on our campus struggling and in need of guidance, and time and time again, we see them transform under our care as they gain new hope, greater understanding, and enhanced confidence and self-awareness.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing many families healed. Nothing compares to the moment when parents arrive on campus and their child comes running to embrace them. With tears of joy streaming down their face, they hold their child close, their hope restored and bond with their child stronger than ever.

These cherished moments are the reason we dedicate our lives to helping young people.

Asheville Academy is a leading program for struggling girls and AFAB because we believe in the healing power of a tranquil campus; we have a passionate, experienced staff; we offer clinical excellence that meets the needs of our students; and we have an exceptionally caring and nurturing community.

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