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Helping Young Girls Achieve Success

Progamming Exclusively Designed For Middle School Girls

Welcome to Asheville Academy

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school serving girls ages 10-14. Our expansive, private campus in North Carolina invites reflection and transformation.

Our program is uniquely designed to help young girls overcome academic and emotional challenges. We have assembled a team of expert staff who have extensive experience working with this age group.

We provide families the opportunity to find hope, heal wounds, and deepen their bond by helping girls develop the skills needed to manage and communicate their emotions with maturity.

Why Does Asheville Academy Work? 

Right Time. Right Place.

Every aspect of our programming is specifically designed for girls ages 10-14. 

We Don’t Just Talk About It.

Our programming challenges girls to think outside the box and try new things. 

It’s All About Relationships. 

Students form strong, healthy bonds with peers and rebuild relationships with family members.

Step By Step

  • Nurturing

    Incoming students are welcomed into a supportive community where they will bond with other girls facing the same challenges.

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    Our holistic therapeutic approach informs everything we do, from academics, to cozy cabins, to extracurricular activities.

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    No two girls are the same, and neither is our approach to their therapy. We tailor our programming to meet your daughter’s individual needs and help her find success.

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    Our innovative, research-backed therapies are designed to meet the unique needs of young girls and help them overcome challenges before they become more serious.

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    You can feel confident with our program. Our staff are licensed and accredited. Collectively, we have decades of experience helping young girls overcome social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

Fun Facts

Expert Staff


Therapy Animals


Acres of Expansive Campus



What makes an Asheville Academy Girl?

Asheville Academy might be right for your daughter if she is 10-14 years old and struggles with any of the following

  • Depressed and disengaged
  • School Refusal
  • Anxious or overwhelmed

  • Struggling to build meaningful relationships
  • Poor social skills
  • Attachment issues

  • Has frequent mood swings
  • Bullied or bullying

At Asheville Academy, we work with students who are not yet struggling with issues related to substance use, criminality, promiscuity, and running away from home for an extended period of time or to faraway locations. Before enrolling your daughter in Asheville Academy, we will evaluate her history and work with you to determine if she is a good fit for the program.

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