7 Tips to Help Your Girl Through Puberty

When puberty hits for tweens and teens, everything changes. This is a stressful time for your girl and you need to be there to guide her along and teach her about the changes she will go through. Her body will start to change, her menstrual cycle will start, and she’ll start to have crushes on people. She’ll probably ask you, “What the heck is going on?!” Be prepared with answers.

Here are some tips for talking to your girl about the changes she’s going through:

  1. Answer ALL of her questions. She needs to be the one steering the conversation. This is, after all, a discussion about  her changing body and mind. Let her know that she can talk about anything she wants to, but don’t be too intrusive. She’s growing into a new, fully developed person and she needs space to do that.
  2. Talk about menstruation before she actually gets her period. She needs to know about sanitary napkins, pads and the option of regulating her period through birth control. Knowing about this before it actually happens can save her a lot of panicking and dirty laundry.
  3. Start the conversation about her changing body. When your girl hits puberty, her body changes dramatically. Hair grows in places it wasn’t before, and her breasts will start to grow. Be open about when she should start shopping for training bras and razors.
  4. Offer reassurance. Every girl’s body changes at a different rate, so if she feels like she’s going through puberty at a slower or faster rate than her friends, let her know that she is completely normal regardless of how her body is different than her friends.
  5. Keep the conversation as simple as possible. Using medical terms might confuse her. She needs to know what’s going on with her body in a way she can understand.
  6. Help her manage stress. This is the most stressful time in your daughter’s life thus far. Encourage her to release & manage stress by doing yoga, going on walks or socializing with her peers.
  7. Comfort her. Tell her stories about your early adolescent years. Let her know that this happens to absolutely everyone, and she’ll be okay in the end. You could also boost your compliments toward her. Try saying that you’ve noticed how well the changes going on with her body suit her. Or, tell her that she’s becoming more confident and transforming into a young lady.

Asheville Academy accepts young girls ages 10-14. This is the age range that your daughter will most likely be experiencing great changes in her body. We can help your daughter through this difficult time with our caring staff and excellent therapeutical services. Call today, at 800-264-8709, to talk to one of our staff members!