Asheville Academy - Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls 10 - 14 Years Old
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Relationship Logic and Rhythmic Riding

What is Relationship Logic?

Relationship logic is the process by which students can address and work through emotional and behavioral damage, understand how their behavior affects those around them, and work towards changing this behavior in order to create healthy, trusting relationships.

Horses have highly developed limbic systems, which aids them in sensing and assessing their environment for safety. This part of the brain is responsible for developing relationships and connections with other beings. Because of this, horses can easily pick up when things in their environment are askew or incompatible. If a student is exhibiting self assuredness but is actually terrified of the horse on the inside, the horse is going to be able to sense and respond to this emotional incongruence.  Because of this response, students can recognize their own positive and negative behaviors while building a relationship with their horse. Relationship logic can help young girls struggling with teen depression, anxiety, and other emotional difficulties.

Rhythmic Riding helps teen depression

 Rhythmic Riding is offered at Asheville Academy for Girls for students who are too emotionally unregulated to participate in unmounted groundwork such as relationship logic. Rhythmic Riding uses the rhythmic, repetitive movement of a horse’s gait to help emotionally unregulated teens increase and reorganize connections in the brain that may help increase the brain’s ability for impulse and emotional control. This type of equine therapy helps teens struggling with emotional difficulties like teen depression, attachment issues, and trauma.