Operations Team

Behind every program there is a group of individuals that ensures that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly. You may not see them as often and they don’t work as closely with the students at Asheville Academy for Girls, but their support is invaluable in the areas of administration, facilities, technology, human resources and finance.

Pennie McLean
HR & Finance Assistant
Pennie Mclean earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Georgia...

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Gaynor Mulrooney
Administrative Assistant
Gaynor has worked over the past 25+ years on 3 continents and in various working environments...

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Julie Buchanan
Originally from Charlotte, NC, Julie has spent over 30 years in Richmond, VA... Bio coming soon!
Steve Servais
Director of Facilities
Steve's career in working with youth started in his early adolescent years ...

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Patrick Belser
Facilities Manager
Patrick Belser graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Outdoor Recreation, Leadership, and Management ...

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Colt Wight
IT / Training Manager
Colt has many years of direct care and supervisory experience within wilderness and residential...

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