How We Help Our Programs for Troubled Teens
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Help with Programs for Troubled Teens

How We Help Our Students Succeed

Asheville Academy offers programs for troubled teens or struggling pre-teens because we believe in the healing power of a tranquil campus, passionate staff, clinical excellence, and peer support.

Our program works for many reasons:

Through all of these components, we’re able to help with many struggles and conditions, including depression, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and much more.

Repairing Relationships and Restoring Families at one of the Top Programs for Troubled Teens

In our programs for troubled teens and pre-teens, students and their families discover healing, hope, and growth. We’ve created an environment and opportunity that is difficult to find elsewhere. Families often say they enter feeling “broken” and leave feeling “whole.”

To read quotes shared by families and friends of Asheville Academy who have experienced success in our programs for troubled teens and pre-teens, click here. 

We have an approach that inspires not just personal growth, but a motivation to continue to succeed. The pillars of our approach are founded on respect, integrity, accountability, responsibility, and excellence:

Safe, supportive, “warm and fuzzy”

This isn’t hard to notice when you step foot onto our big, beautiful campus. As you drive up the road to the school, you pass our horses, chickens, goats, bunnies, and potbellied pig named Ruby Sue. The rustic, serene design of the campus elicits a genuine smile—the perfect environment for programs for troubled teens or struggling pre-teens.


Unlike other programs for troubled teens, teamwork is an important part to our programming. Every member of our staff works hard together in order to help each student reach success. It also sets a great example of cooperation for our girls.


In order to provide a deeper, more comprehensive experience than traditional talk therapy, we use various clinical techniques. To name a few, we use art, equine, family, theater, and experiential therapy.

Individualized and personal

We understand that no girl is the same. Each student has her own struggles and requires a different set of care and attention than the next. We meet each girl where she is and help her find her path.

Intentional and developmentally appropriate

We understand and fully recognize the nuances and specific needs of this age group and gender. Our therapists and staff are specially trained in programs for troubled teens and pre-teens to help guide girls along a path towards healing and happiness from emotional troubles such as depression and anxiety.

Approved and proven

By meeting tough licensing and accreditation standards, we hope to help families feel confident that we know what we’re doing and know how to best help your daughter.

Reconnecting with Self & Family

Too often, our girls struggle with low self-esteem and feel as if they have no value. They’re lost, confused, hurt, and angry with themselves and others that they don’t know how to continue. As one of the top programs for troubled teens, Asheville Academy knows how to work through that stress and anxiety, allowing them to make it back to a positive path.

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We understand that self-worth stems from authentic mutual connections with family, friends, and others. We help our girls rediscover themselves through the eyes of our horses in equine therapy, the sense of community built during volunteer activities, and so much more.

This is one of the strengths that sets us apart from other programs for troubled teens and pre-teens: we provide our students with the opportunity to separate from the stresses and negative patterns of life before Asheville Academy. We give students the time for self-reflection. During this time, they can better understand themselves and develop the tools to control emotions and behaviors.

Building Relationships, Creating Trust at One of the Leading Programs for Troubled Teens & Pre-Teens

Our clinical model is relationship-based, supporting lasting change in our girls that translates to a healthier and happier home life. With the help of our expert therapeutic team, your daughter can identify unhealthy relationship patterns that create division and estrangement, and then replace those behaviors with new patterns that promote connection and unity.

We recognize that it’s incredibly important for the progress made at Asheville Academy to translate back home. This is why we view everything through a therapeutic lens and integrate the family on the journey. By focusing on establishing healthier relationship dynamics with teachers, peers, family members, and even our animals, your daughter can begin to feel more secure in herself. As one of the leading programs for troubled teens and pre-teens, we’ve built a prime place to build relationships and trust.

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Contact us at 800-264-8709 to learn more about how we can help your daughter heal.

Source: YourLittleProfessor