Asheville Academy - Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls 10 - 14 Years Old
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Bowie and the Group


Bowie is a 13 year old Halflinger.  He is a very comfortable (ie very “padded”) horse to ride bareback!  He is sensitive and bonds quickly with people and horses, alike.  He is working on “balanced relationships”





Molly is a 10 year old Welsh Pony.  She is teeny!  She is a rescue horse we are fostering for “Hope for Horses”.  We are helping her learn to have healthy relationships with horses and humans so that one day she will be adopted into her forever home.  She is just starting to be able to be ridden by our tiniest riders.  Molly is working on “respect and healthy boundaries” with her human friends and “balanced relationships”.




Dusty is a 13 year old Thoroughbred/Welsh cross.  He is trained to ride (he used to be a fancy show horse!).  He is sweet with his humans and playful with his equine friends.  He is working on “cooperation instead of compliance”.




Eve was rescued with Tink and we are her foster home.  She is an “older” horse, though we do not know exactly how old because we have not been able to touch her yet.   After living most of her life in survival mode and with little to no contact with humans, she is most like a wild horse (though very gentle).  We are working on earning her trust so that we can pet her and maybe even teach her to be ridden one day!




Pal is a 16 year old Palomino Quarter Horse.  He was a “rescue” and so is afraid of a lot of things in life because of his traumatic past.  He gets along well with almost all of the horses and especially likes the females!  Pal is not currently ridable, though we hope he will be one day.  He is working on “building trust ” with his humans and “regulating when he is afraid”.




Raven is an 9 year old Tennessee Walking Horse.  She is ridable and full of sass!  Raven likes to be head of the herd and is a very confidant lady.  Raven is very smooth to ride and is gorgeous with her jet black flowing mane and tale.  Raven is working on “partnership and respect” with her humans.




Tick is a 15 year old Quarter Horse.  She is ridable and super comfy!  She loves water and will “ask” to be hosed down when you are filling her water trough!  Tick is working on “not freezing when overwhelmed” and “cooperation instead of compliance”.





Jack Frost

Jack is a 18 year old Welsh Pony.  He is SUPER smart and has learned how to open the pasture gates and stall doors!  He is ridable and is best friends with “Bowie”.  Jack is working on “healthy boundaries”.






Ruby Sue

Ruby Sue is our mini potbellied pig.  She is a Diva and thinks she runs this place!  She loves to have her belly rubbed and is (of course) very food motivated!  She is SUPER smart and learns tricks easily.




We have 2 Bunnies to love on.  They are sweet and fluffy and adorable.  They are great regulation tools, as they are very shy if your energy is not calm and regulated, but if it is, they will come out to greet you and allow you to pet them and offer them a treat.






We have 3 barn cats that help keep the rodent population down.  They are also excellent snugglers, especially if you need some “kitty therapy” during a particularly hard day.  Their names are Jasper, Clyde, and Nora.






We have a flock of chickens that are fun to watch run around the barnyard (have you ever seen a chicken run?… Hilarious!).  The girls all have their own nicknames for them and some even like being held!






We have 5 goats who are on poison ivy and pricker bush patrol!  They love to eat it (can you believe that!) and so they are our resident weed eaters.  Plus, they are super cute and act like dogs.  The girls love to take them for walks and hang out with them, sometimes even have their therapy sessions with them!  Their names are Otis, Okra, Susan, Biscuit, and Fiona.




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