Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls 10 – 14 Years Old

How do we help girls who might have Bipolar Disorder? 

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As you start to look into receiving help with your bipolar disorder for your daughter, ask yourself:

• Does she have extreme changes in energy, activity, or sleep?
• Is her behavior creating larger problems in your family?
• Will her mood swings hurt her chances at a successful future?
• Does she suffer from any other mood or behavioral disorders?
• Has she ever had suicidal thoughts, or attempted suicide?

Research and experience show that a girl suffering from Bipolar disorder without treatment is more at risk to fail out of school, to struggle establishing lasting relationships, to create major disruptions in the home unit, and to attempt suicide.

How do you find help?

Answering yes to any of the above questions indicates that Asheville Academy for Girls is the right place for your daughter.

Our therapeutic boarding school in beautiful mountains of western Carolina has a track record of helping girls who show signs of bipolar disorder.  Our experienced staff and family-like setting can provide your daughter the skills and structure for better emotional control that can benefit her and the entire family.

Let us help your daughter with a plan and strategies for success.

Call today to avoid larger problems tomorrow: (800) 264-8709

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for ages 10 – 14 that can help young girls with potential bipolar disorder.  Our secluded mountain campus allows our girls to focus on themselves and develop new skills to conquer behavioral problems.  We can help your daughter.  And your family.  Connect with us today!