Therapeutic Boarding Schools
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Our Academic Approach

For students at our therapeutic boarding school, academics/">academics are typically one of the most challenging areas. For some, school is the source of bullying or a lack of social connection. For others, school is a place where academic achievement is a struggle—sometimes this can stem from a lack of motivation, but often the struggle is rooted in the traditional learning environment failing to recognize or accommodate a student’s unique learning style.

Our academic approach is beyond that of a traditional therapeutic boarding school. This is because of our licensed teachers on-staff teaching a variety of subjects in a separate school building designed specifically for this purpose.

We assist our students in identifying their individual learning styles and instill stronger academic habits. Also, by removing the stressors from a student’s school environment at home and replacing it with a smaller, more supportive learning environment, we give our students the opportunity to experience success academically.

By making all of these changes tailored to each individual student, we empower young girls to take success into their own hands.

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Licensed Curriculum, Accredited Therapeutic Boarding School

Our accredited/">academic accreditation—AdvancED—is the national and international gold standard for education. We are accredited as a traditional boarding school. All credits fully transfer to all public and private educational institutions.  

At our therapeutic boarding school, we create a challenging, supportive, and college preparatory learning environment. Our separate school building sits on a hill that’s a short walk from our residence and dining building. This way, your daughter is still getting a traditional school experience combined within a therapeutic setting. Our curriculum includes a wide breadth of offerings: Mathematics, English, Literature, Science, and Social Sciences, plus elective options designed to enhance the school experience.

We emphasize our small class sizes because of their unique ability to provide a full personalized approach. With the help of our therapeutic expertise, our students find their learning styles. Once a student understands her learning style, she can help transform her feelings of helplessness into confidence in the classroom.

With state certified teachers and our school licensing, you can be assured your child is gaining a strong education while attending our therapeutic boarding school.

Better Academic Habits for Success at Asheville Academy and Back Home

Beyond teaching content at our therapeutic boarding school, we teach helpful academic habits and skills that will assist our students in learning well for the rest of their lives—how to stay organized, take notes, write an essay, format MLA style, take a test, research a topic, transition from subject to subject, and much more.

For a student, success in their next academic placement is crucial for overall success. Asheville Academy outcomes have shown that if a student isn’t prepared for traditional high school academic expectations, then those struggles have the power to impact emotional and behavioral success across the board. This is why we have such a strong academic focus in our therapeutic boarding school.

Contact us at 800-264-8709 for more information about how our therapeutic boarding school can help your daughter and family succeed.