therapeutic boarding school

Academic Team

Asheville Academy is a school for girls that employs an academic team with varied and deep understanding of how to deliver an effective and innovative curriculum.  Our small classes allow for individualized attention for the students.

Our Academic team works with you to ensure your daughter keeps with her academic goals and can transfer back to her home school when she is ready to transition from our program.


Bryan Tomes B.A.
Academics director
Bryan has tremendous experience in running therapeutic middle schools...

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Dan Coleman
Lead Teacher, Licensed Instructor, Math
Dan Coleman was born and raised in Western North Carolina. In 2009, he earned ...

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Cheryl Brown
Licenced Instructor, Language and Theater
Cheryl has just returned to the United States after living in England...

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Phillip Brown
History/Social Studies Teacher
Phillip received his bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Interdisciplinary...

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Kate Shelton
Learning Styles Coordinator
Kate Shelton has been collaborating with students, teachers, and counselors for...

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Megan England
English/Social Studies Teacher
Before receiving her BA in Government from Centre College, Megan participated in a study abroad program in Strasbourg, France...

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Ben Chamberlain
Math Teacher
Ben is a Math Teacher at Asheville Academy and can't imagine himself anywhere else...

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Sara Camuso
Science Teacher
Sara Camuso is the science teacher at Asheville Academy, read more about her


Julie Lee
Art and Connections Teacher
Kelli Carmack
Learning Styles
For over 13 years, Kelli has supported adolescents and young adults...

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Michael DeHart
Music Teacher/Therapist
Michael is a Board Certified Music Therapist...

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