One of the top Residential Treatment Centers for Teens Ages 10 – 14

We Understand Your Family’s Struggle

Welcome to Asheville Academy. Thank you for your interest in our leading residential treatment center for pre-teen and teen girls.

At Asheville Academy, most families discover us in difficult moments. They’re usually filled with fear, frustration, anger, and concern for the path their daughter is currently on. We understand your pain. The important thing to remember in these moments is that there is hope and this moment is just one of many you will have with your child. As a leading residential treatment center for pre-teens and teen girls, we can help your family heal and reconnect.

“It is so important to meet the kids where they are at,” commented Cat Jennings, Owner and Executive Director of Asheville Academy for Girls, “We believe in the innate spark in every child and work tirelessly to build upon this.”

Growth for Success and Motivation for More

As one of the leading residential treatment centers for teens, Asheville Academy is one of the few licensed, accredited programs specifically designed for young girls, ages 10 to 14. In our nurturing, loving environment, our students have the opportunity to leave their old habits, fears, and struggles behind. We develop trust, help the students open up, and then provide them with consistent, compassionate, and firm support that leads to real change and success.

When your daughter experiences a taste of success, she will naturally become motivated for even greater success. With the support of our fantastic staff, therapeutic approach, and calming campus, we’ve found that students can leave the path of negativity and resistance.

Our residential treatment center for pre-teens and teen girls can help your family

Remember, the place your daughter is at right now is not the final destination. There are many paths your daughter can take—and many of them lead to success. We know, as one of the top residential treatment centers for teens, that we can direct your daughter onto a healthier, happier path.


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Our large, beautiful Asheville Academy campus nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina

We would love for you to come tour and are available to answer any questions you might have about how we can help. Please contact us today at 800-264-8709.

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