More than a Therapeutic Boarding School

Welcome to Asheville Academy, the only licensed and accredited therapeutic boarding school focusing exclusively on girls, ages 10 to 14, in North Carolina. We have more staff per student and a campus specifically designed for and singularly used as a therapeutic setting—making us one of the leading therapeutic boarding schools.

Asheville Academy is a recognized leader in the field because of the clinical excellence, superior academic accreditation, staffing expertise, and quality of care offered to our students and their families. Our academic accreditation—AdvancED—is the national and international gold standard for education. We are accredited as a traditional boarding school, and credits earned are fully transferable to all public and private educational institutions. As far as therapeutic boarding schools go, Asheville Academy is dedicated to your daughter’s success.

Nestled on an expansive, private 97-acre campus in the serene mountains of Western North Carolina, Asheville Academy is intentionally developed to improve coping skills, family relationships, and behaviors for girls at this special time in their transition from childhood to young adulthood. We offer our students an excellent educational experience within a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate clinical and social setting.

A Focus on Young Girls

At Asheville Academy, we understand that this age is a difficult and emotional time for all girls. Our students typically struggle with reaching their full potential because of issues relating to sadness, anger, loss, and self-doubt. These struggles lead them to lash out or shut down in order to cope—which usually damages the family dynamic.

As one of the best therapeutic boarding schools, we want each family to reach success and meaningful change. To do this, we strive to work through each individual student’s issues with the involvement of the whole family.


Therapeutic Boarding School

Happier, Healthier Daughters. Stronger Families

Unlike many therapeutic boarding schools, we deeply understand the challenges young girls specifically face. Parents and siblings may bear the brunt of this behavior, creating stress and pain for the whole family.

Our approach to helping your daughter heal includes both top-notch clinical care and caring, nurturing staff that are passionate about helping each student build her confidence, get to the root of her hurt or anger, and improve her coping skills. We also understand that a girl cannot fully heal without the love and support of her family, which is why family involvement is so important in our programming. We offer parent workshops, family seminars, home visits, and weekly check-ins. You’re always just a phone call away from your daughter.

“Asheville Academy is the first place to recognize and effectively address the issues our daughter has been struggling with for years. She has made more progress in 6 months then she has anywhere else. As a result she is more confident and secure in herself.

Asheville Academy provides an incredibly supportive environment in which to grow and develop.”

-Jennifer, parent

We recognize that this can be a challenging time for many families. We are parents, too, and we understand the desire to have your young daughter be happy and healthy. We are here to help you determine the right path for your young girl and your family.

At Asheville Academy we strive to be a therapeutic boarding school and more!  The goal is to help families get their daughters back and to restore the health and happiness of all of the students. Call us today at 800-264-8709 to learn more about how Asheville Academy can help.

Therapeutic Boarding School

Success at Asheville Academy, more than a therapeutic boarding school

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