Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls 10 – 14 Years Old

Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls 10 – 14

Welcome to Asheville Academy, a Therapeutic Boarding School for struggling young girls nestled on a private 25 acre campus in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.

A Focus on Young Girls

The transition from childhood to young adulthood is a difficult, emotional time for all girls. We focus specifically on 10 – 14 year olds at our Therapeutic Boarding School because it allows us to provide a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate clinical and social setting.

The young girls who come to us are failing to reach their potential and often struggling with sadness, loss, anger or self-doubt. They are lashing out or shutting down to hide their pain and fear.

The family is often hurting, too. Parents and siblings bear the brunt of her fear and self-doubt. Family members often describe “walking on glass,” waiting for the next explosion.

Common Struggles That Our Girls Encounter

  • Is your daughter struggling with anger?
  • Is she struggling with self-control?
  • Underachieving in school?
  • Is she suffering emotionally?
  • Are ”little things” becoming catastrophic?
  • If any of these questions sound familiar…
  • Asheville Academy for Girls can help

Happier, Healthier Daughters. Stronger Families

We understand the challenges our young girls face, and our clinical approach and highly qualified staff can help get your daughter back. By building your daughter’s confidence, getting to the root of her hurt or anger, and improving her coping skills, she will see tremendous progress at Asheville Academy’s Residential Treatment Center. By involving the family back home every step of the way, we can help repair the family, too.

“Asheville Academy is the first place to recognize and effectively address the issues our daughter has been struggling with for years. She has made more progress in 6 months then she has anywhere else. As a result she is more confident and secure in herself.

Asheville Academy provides an incredibly supportive environment in which to grow and develop.”

-Jennifer G.,parent

We recognize that this can be a challenging time for many families. We are parents, too, and we understand the desire to have your young daughter be happy and healthy. We are here to help you determine the right path for your young girl and your family.

At our Therapeutic Boarding School , the goal is to help families get their daughters back and to restore the health and happiness of all of our students. Call us today at 800-264-8709 to learn more about how Asheville Academy can help.

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